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CREO已经创造了新的基于Android操作系统的燃油OS',并且还制作了自己的智能手机“标记1”。它的操作系统计划每月提供新的经验。在定制的音频效果最新更新包允许用户更改本机的声音效果,在整个应用程序和系统软件 - 无论是游戏或流媒体或聆听储存的音乐。在燃油OS的音频效果,现在体育五个预置 - 均衡,声音,低音增强,3D环绕音效和清晰的声音。这些设置可以作为出发点,进一步微调音频设置顺心,并且可以保存为多种“自定义音效”跨应用程序和超越工作。

CREO has created new Android-based operating system 'Fuel OS', and has also produced its own smartphone 'Mark1'. Its operating system plans to deliver new experience every month. The latest update packs in customisable audio effects allow users to natively change sound effects, across apps and system software — be it games or streaming or listening to stored music. The audio effects in Fuel OS now sports five presets — balanced, acoustic, bass boost, 3D surround sound and clear voice. These settings can be used as starting points to further fine tune the audio settings to one’s liking and can be saved as multiple ‘Custom Audio Effects’ to work across apps and beyond.


  • Sai Srinivas Kiran G
    Co-founder and CEO
    IIT Kanpur alumnus, previously worked as Director of Product at Bharti Softbank, with 4+ years of experience in product management
  • Shubh Malhotra
    Also the Co Founder of Teewe, with 8 years of experience as software engineer


  • 2016-01-21
    轮次 种子轮
    融资 $ 3M
    状态 完成
    投方 Sequoia India, Beenext Ventures, India Quotient