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ClearTax,ClearSharp技术的产物,是在印度提交所得税申报免费的电子申报平台。这对于工薪个人使用表单-16提供免费的电子报税服务。启动收费用户为“CA辅助电子归档”,通过它们可以利用专家的服务,以电子文件的回报。 ClearSharp的ClearTax企业版是为大型纳税申报的准备和电子报税被许多特许会计师。他们的应用程序,可以在Android平台上,让用户看到退税的当前状态和计算所得税为当前财政年度,用户只需要上传表单16.启动在Y组合在2014年6月孵化它开始提供比特币在2014年7月下线。

ClearTax, a product of ClearSharp Technology, is a free e-filing platform for filing Income Tax returns in India. It provides free e-filing services for salaried individuals with Form-16s. The startup charges the users for "CA assisted e-Filing" through which they can avail the services of experts to e-file their returns. ClearSharp's ClearTax Enterprise Edition is used by many Chartered Accountants for large scale tax return preparation and e-filing. Their app, available on android platform, lets user see the current status of tax refund and calculate income tax for current financial year for which the user only has to upload Form 16. The startup was incubated at Y Combinator in June 2014. It started offering bitcoins for referrals in July 2014.


  • Archit Gupta
    Co-founder and CEO
    Previous experience in technical field
  • Srivatsan Chari
    Previously founded nth Loop and ShouScene, 6 years of cumulative experience
  • Ankit Solanki
    Previously founded nth Loop with overall experience of more than 4 years


  • 轮次 Pre-A轮
    融资 $ 2M
    状态 完成
    投方 FF Angel, Sequoia Capital
  • 5/2016
    轮次 A轮
    融资 $ 2M
    状态 完成
    投方 India Venture Partners, Accel Partners, India Innovation Fund, Indian Angel Network
  • 10/2015
    轮次 Equity
    融资 未披露
    状态 完成
    投方 PayTM,
  • 轮次 天使轮
    融资 $ 1.3M
    状态 完成
    投方 Max Levchin, Scott Banister
  • 轮次 种子轮
    融资 未披露
    状态 完成
    投方 Y Combinator, Sumon Sadhu, Marc Bell Ventures