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Prepathon,PagalGuy的产品,提供了为考试,如银行,SSC CGL,工程,UPSC和其他考试自学考试准备一个基于手机的应用程序。集成在平台的功能包括全面,全程,与教练,学生社团和更新题库聊天。启动遵循一个基于广告的盈利模式。使用的应用程序,学生可以报名参加课程和教练可以持续监控学生的表现。该应用程序有一个像聊天功能的WhatsApp的进行交互,并提出问题给教练。此外,学生可以点击的,他们觉得难以破解的问题的照片,并将其发布应用程序的平台上寻求帮助。这个应用程序可以在Android平台和启动计划推出的iOS应用在不久的将来可用。

Prepathon, a product of PagalGuy, offers a mobile-based application for self-paced test preparation for examinations such as banking, SSC CGL, Engineering, UPSC, and other exams. The features integrated in the platform include comprehensive and full course, chat with coach, student community and updated question bank. The startup follows an ad-based revenue model. Using the app, students can sign up for a course and the coach can constantly monitor a student's performance. The app has a WhatsApp like chat feature to interact with, and ask questions to the coaches. Also, students can click pictures of questions that they find difficult to crack, and post it on the app’s platform to seek help. This application is available across android platform and startup plans to launch the IoS app in the near future.


  • Allwin Agnel
    Founder and CEO
    Previously founded Neutral Web, 5 years of prior experience in Marketing


  • 5/2016
    轮次 Pre-A轮
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    状态 完成
    投方 Blume Ventures