Siftr Labs
基于AI的照片应用 Noida 2015 7


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Siftr实验室是一个AI供电的照片策展的平台,利用人工智能和深度学习的力量,开发商和供应商。该公司的核心产品包括用于WhatsApp的Siftr魔术清洁,Siftr照片管理和Siftr网站制作。 Siftr照片的组织者是一个照片策展洗车台像来自多个社交媒体acounts和云端储存,视觉搜索,自动分割和照片共享照片聚合功能。 Siftr魔术清洁使用深学习和神经网络的算法,以从用户的WHATSAPP识别垃圾图像和删除它们以释放所述移动装置上的存储器。 Siftr网站生成器可让摄影师创建自己的照片集基于网络组合和如自动选择更新,布局个性化和访客流量分析功能。该公司还提供了像目标检测,检测流派,风格检测,颜色检测,性别检测和实时图像搜索视觉计算的API。

Siftr Labs is developer and provider of an AI powered photo curation platform which leverages the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning. Core product offerings of the company include Siftr Magic Cleaner for Whatsapp, Siftr Photo Organizer and Siftr Website Builder. Siftr Photo organizer is a photo curation platfrom with features like aggregation of photos from multiple social media acounts and cloud storages, visual search, auto segmentation, and photo sharing. Siftr Magic Cleaner uses deep learning and neural network algorithms to identify junk images from the users' Whatsapp and deletes them to free memory on the mobile device. Siftr Website Builder allows photographers to create web based portfolios from their photo collections with features like auto updation, layout personalization, and visitor traffic analytics. The company also provides APIs for visual computing like object detection, genre detection, style detection, color detection, gender detection and real time image search.


  • Romil Mittal
    Over a decade of experience as Engineering Manager at Adobe Systems
  • Mayank Bhagya
    Over 4 years of technical experience at Adobe Systems


  • 2015-01-25
    轮次 种子轮
    融资 $ 150K
    状态 完成
    投方 Venture Catalysts Pvt. Ltd., Vishal Maheshwari